Indoor Environmental Professional

Mold Assesment

The purpose of the assessment is to determine the presence of mold, source of moisture intrusion, moisture damage, indoor air quality, signs and symptoms of mold exposure (if any) and provide a mold remediation protocol. A protocol is developed following the results of the visual inspection and mold analysis, then provided to all interested parties upon request. Samples collected are submitted to a fully accredited microbiology laboratory for microbiological (fungi) identification and quantification.

Post Remediation Verification Report

The objective of a post-mold remediation verification report is to assess indoor surfaces of the subject area(s) post remedial efforts by the remediation company hired to perform the work. Rescue Restoration Services, Inc.’s assessment for clearance activities is conducted to identify potential remaining sources that may contribute to the overall indoor air quality within and/or outside the areas under containment post-remediation efforts.

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